All That We Believed

by Tom Johnstone

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released October 3, 2015

Tom Johnstone - guitars, bass, drums, synth, string arrangements, backing vocals
Laura Martin - vocals
Andy Bray - lead guitar
Joe Hinds - drums
Charlie Munro - production
Fae Sapsford - artwork



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Tom Johnstone UK

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Track Name: Take It Back
Do you remember when I was young?
You said I was the one to blame
For all the pain you caused me
And all the things that I became

So this is why I need to ask you
To set me free just like you want to
And never try and take me back again

Do you remember who I am
And all we did together
All the times we fought side by side?

Tonight I ask you
To take back all of the things that you said
All of the things that you did
Take them back and then I’ll forgive you
And take back all of the times that you lied
All of the times that I cried
Take it back tonight
I need you to take it back tonight

All I remember from when I was young
Is how I wanted you to know
There was nothing more that I could give to you
And time apart has made me stronger

So this is why I need to ask you
To set me free just like you want to
And never try and take me back again
Track Name: The Killing
When I’m looking back and thinking about us
Well I’ll always wonder why I didn’t try harder
To let you go
‘Cause one thing I’ll always remember
Is what you thought I’d never know

You’d always get your way
Always have the last word
But try as you might
You’ll never silence me
No you’ll never silence me

You showed me your world
But I’ll show you rejection

You’ll never crawl your way back to me
You’re out of my life
I’m gone
And everything you thought I should be
Is out of my mind
I’m gone
You showed me your world
But I’ll show you rejection
I’m gone
You should have known that I can’t conform
To something I don’t believe in
Oh no, no, no

I can’t shake the thought or the feeling
That you left in me
When you said goodbye
You ran away, spent time with everybody else
And then you tried to say
You only care for me

You can’t win
I won’t give you the last word
And try as you might you’ll never silence me
No you’ll never silence me

Just turn around and look for me
You’ll find I’m gone
Track Name: No Way Back
After all is said and done

I know that you won’t be the one

To tell me things will be alright

To stand tall and stay by my side

Don’t deny, I know it’s true

Nothing that I ever do

Will ever be good enough for you

But I’ll never let you drag me down

I didn’t want to let you go

But there comes a time when you have to know

I can’t forget all that you’ve done

And I know I’m not the only one

And now there’s no way back

(No no way back)

And now there’s no way back

(No no way back)

And now there's no way back

(No no way back)

And now there's no there’s no way back for you

I wonder if you realise what you’ve done

If the guilt that you feel is making you numb

Or if you’d even understand

This last year passed by in a blur

While you hurt everyone around you

Have you forgotten what we were

And to this day I wonder

What happened to the you I used to know

Where did you go?

And now I realise

That you’ll never understand

That there’s no way back for you
Track Name: Without You
Don’t know where I’m going

But I’m leaving knowing

That I’m never coming back

After all I’ve been though

‘Cause of things that you do

I just can’t keep up the act

Took too long to notice

You’re the one who showed this

Darker side of me to the world

Something never felt right

So I’m leaving tonight

I really need to be heard

I won’t play your games anymore

Because we both know that’s not what my heart’s for

And though I can’t forget what you did to me

I’m getting out now

I gave too much of myself away

But I’ll take it back tonight

And tomorrow’s a new day

Without you

You’ve been living in denial

You never made me smile

And tonight you stand accused 

Thought you’d swept me off my feet

But you danced a different beat

I was only there to be used

If there’s one thing I regret

It’s that it’s not over yet

It’s just the kind of thing that you do

Took me far too long to know

It was time to let you go

I’m better off without you

I won’t play your game so I can’t lose

And I’m letting go tonight

And tomorrow’s a new day

Without you
Track Name: Flame
When the waters rise

And splash round my feet

Is when my world comes crashing down

And I start to feel weak

As the smoke clouds up the sky

And I can barely breathe

I think it’s time to put an end

To all that we believed

But you don’t have to tell me

I know that I should stay

After everything we torched

I won’t let us burn away

‘Cause the fire in my heart

Burns brighter in the dark

I see you turn your face away

But I know that it won’t help

You can close your eyes

But you can’t blind yourself
You can’t hide from what you’ve done

No, we have to share the guilt

And there’s nowhere left to run

Now we’ve burnt the life we built

There’s a flame in my soul and it burns for you

There’s a fire in my heart so we’ll make it through

Whatever the world tries to throw our way

We’re gonna burn it down every single day

And when I burn

You’ll burn with me